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As your business continues to grow and evolve, additional funding may be necessary to sustain your momentum. At Paz Funding Source we are here to support your ongoing success.
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The Paz Renewal Program: Maximize Funding Potential, Minimize Payments
Paz Funding Source proudly presents the Paz Renewal Program. Designed to provide additional funding during the course of a payback while keeping payments at a minimum through leveraging your active Paz balance. Fuel your business growth with true financial flexibility.

To be eligible for additional funding it is essential to meet basic requirements, including but not limited to: A 50% paid-in balance on current advance, being current with all payments, and no significant decrease in monthly revenues and/or ending balances.

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Unlock Savings with Early Payment: Accelerate Your Success
At Paz Funding Source, we reward your pro-active approach to financial management. Our Early Payment Discount program allows you to unlock substantial savings by settling your payments ahead of schedule. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you not only reduce your overall financing costs but also accelerate your path to success. Embrace the advantage of early payment and propel your business forward with Paz Funding Source. Experience the benefits today.

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Empowering Financial Clarity and Confidence
Our Balance Letter is designed to provide you with unparalleled financial clarity and instill confidence in your business operations. With our Balance Letter, you can gain a comprehensive overview of your account balance, transaction details, and outstanding obligations.

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The Zero Balance Letter (ZBL) confirms your account balance with Paz is fully settled.

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